Saturday, May 16, 2009

Icheri Shaxar

Now about Icheri Shaxar. Its total area is 20.5 ha or 21,5 ha. The population is estimated to be 15000 or slight more.Here is another photo from the streets of Icheri _Shaxar.

Icheri Shaxar is located in Baku and Baku is diveded into 11 regions. Icari-shaxar is located in Sabayil Region

Icheri- shaxar was a great place for trading for many centuries. Because of its location near the seaside and being neighbour with Iran and Russia form seasides.

Icheri-Shaxar Has 2 gates- Salyan and Shemaxa gates. The main gates for trading.

Icheri-Shaxar is in UNESCO heritage site but there are a lot of monuments that are components of Icheri_shaxar also the major component of it is Shirvanshah's Palace. I will try to give you short informations about the minor heritage sites and the most based information would be about Shirvanshah's Palace.

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